Who should come?

    Anyone who has diabetes, lives with someone who does or simply wants to learn about it.

How can I sign up?

     There are three ways:

     1.  Ask your medical professional to got to www.challengediabetes.us, click the

           "Quick Referral" button and fax us the completed form.

     2.  Go to "Sign Up Forms" and follow the instructions.

     3.  Use the "Contact Us" form, email coordinator@challengediabetes.us or call us at

          413-567-0660.  Leave your contact information and we'll be in touch.

How much will CDP cost me?

     The program is free.

Is CDP for type 1 or type 2?

     Both types will benefit.

Will CDP give me medical advice?

     No. We do not offer professional medical/nutritional advice or personal diabetes          education. CDP can refer diabetics to the licensed professionals they need for medication and individualized help.