Speaking Engagements

We're overrun with wrong or misleading information, myths and old wives tales that stigmatize diabetics.  Presentations dispel the misinformation and explain why the two major types of diabetes happen, how they work and how they can be treated. 

Talks help create an informed community that supports and respects responsible diabetics while encouraging everyone who has diabetes to treat it.

Presentations include time for questions, answers and group interaction.

Chet Galaska is not a medical professional but has had diabetes since 1981.  He approaches the disease from a diabetic's point of view, which exposes big issues that aren't effectively addressed.

He wrote The Diabetes Book: What Everyone Should Know and created the Challenge Diabetes Program in participation with the YMCA of Greater Springfield.

He is participating in a study at the Joslin Diabetes Center on long-term diabetics who do not have  major complications. The Massachusetts Foot and Ankle Society selected him for their 2018 Heroes Walking Among Us Award. 

To inquire about speaking engagements please use Contact Us,  email to coordinator@challengediabetes.us  or call CDP at 413-567-0660.