The Deal

Our end of the bargain

1.  We'll explain the basics of diabetes from the diabetic's point of view.  There are three one-hour classes in consecutive weeks. 

The presentations are:

  • Introduction to Diabetes      Things you should know.
  • What Should I Eat?       A simple look at food.
  • The Magic Bullet       Why physical activity is powerful.

2.  When you complete the classes you'll receive a free one-month membership at the YMCA of Greater Springfield.  It's a great chance to show yourself how quickly and effectively physical activity drops the blood glucose level.

3.  We will challenge you to lower your A1c.  When it's lower three months after CDP you'll get a free t-shirt that reads "Challenge Met."

Your end of the bargain

1. Let us know how many will be coming.

2. Complete the Registration and Basic Information Forms  and return them according to the instructions on the forms.

3.  Work around the edges to reduce your carbohydrate intake and increase your physical activity.  This will lower your blood glucose level.

4.  Your t-shirt will create opportunities to talk about what you did, how you did it and explain the facts about diabetes.  You can help educate the public and create overdue respect for diabetics who fight the disease.