To Participate in this free program

   First,  Use "Contact Us" to tell us                     you're interested.


      Download the Sign Up Forms and

      follow the instructions


      Ask your medical professional to

      1.  Go to this website's home page

      2.  Click the Quick Referral button

      3.  Fill out the Safe Exercise 

          Assessment Form and return it

          according to the instructions on                 the form.


   Come to the first session and return         the Safe Exercise Assessment Form          later.



The Deal

​​​​​                   Our End of the Bargain

We'll explain the basics of diabetes and how to manage it. Three sessions cover:

1.  Introduction to Diabetes  Things you need to know.

2.  What Should I Eat?  A simple look at diet.

3.  The Magic Bullet  Why physical activity helps.

You'll receive a free one month YMCA membership. Our staff can help you develop a safe activity/exercise program and you can use the Y when it's convenient for you.

You'll receive a Challenge Accepted wristband to identify you to the staff and remind you to practice the things you have learned.

If your first A1c after CDP is lower than the last one before you started you'll receive a free t-shirt that reads "Challenge Met."  When you're asked what the challenge was, we hope you'll proudly tell how you lowered your A1c and explain the facts about diabetes.

                    Your End of the Bargain

"Work around the edges" to make small changes.

1.  Whether you use the Y membership or not, increase        your physical activity.  A step counting device or app can help you keep track.

2.  Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Don't consume more carbs than you did when you started the program because this may offset the effect of physical activity.

3.  Knowing others who are walking in your shoes can really help. When you spot someone wearing the Challenge           Accepted wristband, please introduce yourself.

4. Send us your first A1c after the program.