CDP was inspired by reader's responses to The Diabetes Book.  The author, who has had diabetes since 1981, realized that people - including many diabetics - do not understand diabetes and that rampant misinformation has saddled diabetics with an unjustified stigma.  Both of these contribute to poor diabetes treatment that leads to serious complications. 

The Diabetes Book is easy to read and illustrates the issues with real-life stories of people with diabetes.  It teaches the basics, dispels common myths and explains why diabetics who do the best they can deserve respect - not stigmatization. 

What Amazon reviewers say:

"The style of this book is for people who want to learn about diabetes in a clear and concise manner that is enjoyable, easy to read and accurate.  As I am now a very seasoned educator, I applaud Galaska for creating a book that is so beneficial to folks of all ages to learn about diabetes and how it impacts the lives of so many with and without the disease."

                                                                                         -Bylianna Tarrifon

Chet Galaska has written a fine book on diabetes, largely because he has lived with it for the better part of his life, but he also writes clearly and well.  And very importantly, he has his facts straight - clearly, he has a firm grip on solid research in diabetes, and does not infuse his writing with folklore or unsupported observations so frequently found in books on this condition, even many written by doctors who treat diabetic patients.

                                                                                          -Clyde Goodheart, MD, MBA

Chet does a beautiful job of simplifying the complex and helping readers/family take control of their disease, thereby improving the chances of longer, healthier lives.  Well done!!

                                                                                          -Drew Jusko, MD

This is the book I wish I'd been able to read forty years ago when my husband was first diagnosed.  It would have been enormously helpful at that time in my life.  This is the type of book that doctors should recommend to patients and their families soon after a diagnosis has been made.

                                                                                          -Barbara Case

       The Diabetes Book