Foods aren't equal.  High carbohydrate foods like table sugar raise the blood glucose level a lot. Meats, fish, eggs and many vegetables raise it minimally, if at all. Eating intelligently is critical to managing diabetes. 

You're more likely to succeed if you eat foods you enjoy.  Nothing is forbidden, but diabetics need to recognize the carb content of what they eat.  Once you know this, there are lots of ways to manage food:

  • Eat less of the high carb and more of the low carb.
  • Bake with less sugar (you won't miss it).
  • Use sugar substitutes.
  • Cook with spices, which generally have no carbohydrate.

Our tastes are different.The challenge is to create a personal strategy with foods that are nourishing, taste good and don't drive blood glucose levels through the roof.

What about Food?