What is CDP?

The world of diabetes is rife with misinformation, unfair judgement and stigmatization.  As a result, both the public and many diabetics understand it poorly. This ignorance  is a big reason avoidable complications and shortened lives remain common.  CDP's purpose is to create an informed community that encourages diabetics to fight the disease and respects those who do.

CDP is based on the experiences, frustrations and ideas of many diabetics. This bottom-up approach identified issues that aren't addressed well, if at all.

For example, some diabetics don't even admit they have the disease to avoid the baggage it carries. The American Diabetes Association  says type 1 and type 2 occur when  "you inherit a predisposition for the disease then something in your environment triggers it."  But people think it's caused by being overweight, sedentary and/or eating too much sugar (i.e. "You're fat, lazy, irresponsible and got what you deserved").  In reality, only about 1 in 7 overweight people become diabetic while many thin, health conscious people get it.  Even so, the diabetic is blamed and the stigma sticks.

CDP explains diabetes to the community by speaking to groups, using print publications, radio, television, social media and offering the Basic Diabetes Course to everyone.

The Basic Diabetes Course is accessible and effective because:

          It's free.

          Offered in convenient and familiar neighborhood venues.

          Facilitated by diabetics who have "been there and done that."

          Builds confidence through group interaction and peer support.

          Replaces shame and guilt with pride.

          Three 1-hour classes are completed in about 2 weeks.

CDP invites everyone to independent presentations.  These provide opportunities to reconnect with others and get timely help.  For example the "How do I get through Thanksgiving?" program suggested strategies that were enhanced by attendee ideas.